Chief Keith Humphrey's visit to Sooner Rotary was both a lesson in the history of community policing and a glimpse of the future for Norman's police department. Chief Humphrey explained the changes that have taken place over the last 200 years in the relationships between police departments and the communities they serve. The premise of developing relationships that allow officers the opportunity to work together with members of the community is rooted in England in the late 1800's. Over the years with the introduction of technology that relationship was lost and police work evolved into a reactive approach to crime. His desire is to bring the principles of community policing to the forefront of the Norman Police Department. 

From his early childhood, Chief Humphrey has wanted to do the "right thing". Following the examples of his grandparents and parents, the chief learned to respect the police rather than fear them as he grew up. His first assignment with the Ft. Worth police department taught him to be a police officer and gave him the desire to become a police chief. Other assignments in TX further developed his core philosophy that community policing would lead to long term solutions in detering crime. 

So, "Why Norman?" According to Chief Humphey, the question is "Why wouldn't I?" Reviewing the reasons that led Chief Humphrey to Norman, he complimented the community for providing the funding necessary for improvements in the department and for the civic minded members of the community that seek to provide for the needs of others.  

With a desire to develop strong relationships within the community, Humphrey challenged the Rotarians to hold the police department accountable for their service to Norman. Not satisfied with the status quo, Chief Humphrey has already focused on educating the community on how to stay safe and will conduct the first Citizen's Police Academy in Norman in 20 years.  

 In addition to the program, new members Lori Bennett and Polly Christian were inducted by Denise Kueny and given letters of membership by their sponsors James Harp and Sandy Tedders. Both were greeted by members at the end of the meeting as well.