"There's No Place Like Home"


 There's no better way to sum up Becky Seewall's year 

as a Rotary Exchange Student in Switzerland. 

With breathtaking photos and genuine Swiss chocolate, Becky brought her adventures in Switzerland to the Sooner Rotary Club meeting.  

 Arriving at her first host home speaking only English was a difficult and challenging experience, but living among those speaking only French gave her a greater appreciation for communicating with others. Participating in various activities including school, ski trips, Exchange Student outings and family adventures contributed to Becky's philosophy of saying "yes" even if she wasn't quite sure what "yes" meant.

 Living with two other families and touring 14 countries in Europe gave Becky a greater appreciation of what often is taken for granted here at "home". Her description of the educational opportunities, cultural differences and values helped to clarify the privileges we all have to be living here in the USA, oftentimes assumed to be readily available in other parts of the world. Attending the male only Rotary Club meetings in Bulle was both enlightening and a highlight of her trip and the banner brought back from the club has already been added to our collection here in Norman. 

 A great way to sum up a great meeting. Starting with an original song written and performed by our very own Andy Southerland and accompanied by James Harp (you just had to be there to fully appreciate it), the stage was set for our August 9 meeting. Announcements and Happy Dollars were intermingled and included reminders of the need for School Security Guards for August 24th with sign up rosters passed around, registration forms made available for our District Rotary Foundation Seminar to be held this coming Saturday and plans for BINGO at the Veterans Center scheduled for August 22nd (which counts for community service for Blue Badge requirements). Details of the events are available on our website and room is still available to participate.