Thank you Jonna Buck for writing this article for our website!
Stacy Bruce, the new Executive Director of Bridges was our guest speaker Tuesday, January 10th.  Stacy left her position at the Cleveland County YMCA after almost 20 years to pursue a new goal, to serve the students at Bridges. Stacy loved everything about her job at the YMCA, but after the retirement of Debra Krittenbrink, Stacy felt a new calling. 
She began researching the Bridges program and after much soul searching, she decided to leave the security of her career for the opportunity to help fulfill the Bridges’ mission…..”Empowering high school students in family crisis to pursue education without obstacles.”
Stacy told us about reflecting on her school years and thinking she never had the challenges these students face.  There are many scenarios that leave these students homeless through no fault of their own. One of the most common challenges they see is having no identification or birth certificate… things most teens take for granted. Bridges helps obtain these things and so much more, helping them live, continue school and learn to function as an adult. 
Bridges students pay their own electric bills and pay rent on a sliding scale.  They are required to have a job of up to 20 hours per week, because students must attend school and maintain passing grades.  Students meet weekly for life skills classes that help them succeed living on their own.  They also receive mentoring from adults in the community.  Stacy said even though these kids come from a lot of sadness, there is a lot of laughter and happiness at Bridges.
Stacy thanked Sooner Rotary for all their support through the years and challenged us to “Rise Up” with her to provide continued support from the community.  She reminded us there are many opportunities to help through donations, volunteering and financial contributions.    She asked us to consider attending one of their biggest fundraisers of the year, the Bridges Prom February 11th.
Stacy brings a lot of passion to the Bridges program and helps provide love and compassion to students often overlooked by others.   To learn more about the Bridges program and ways you can help, please visit their website at