This is Steve’s first year as a Sooner Rotarian.  He chairs the Fellowship committee with Bobby  Hare.  He loves the programs, fellowship, and camaraderie of our club.  He is thrilled  to be part of our club and loves his role on the Fellowship committee.

A favorite quote of Steve’s is “If you can keep your head  while all others around you are losing theirs, the world is your oyster.”

Steve is a mortgage banker who loves making home ownership  possible and/or improving people’s financial life.  He enjoys this job because every transaction  is totally different and he enjoys helping families make their dreams come  true.

He lives with his wife, Sharri, and their two basset hounds.  Sharri and Steve have been married 39  years.  His children are Patrick Gretchen  Preston, Kevin Brenidy, and Chris Topher. A good title for a book about his  life would be, “He wanted to be a Good Husband and Father”.

Steve enjoys boating, fishing, and being at the lake.  He loves canasta and camping out at the  lake.  He loves walking on the beach with  his wife and spending time with his sons, their wives, and his grandsons.

A book Steve read is I Am Third by Gale Sayers.  Recent magazines or books he read include   "Pontoon and "Deck Boat" magazine.  When he  watches television, he watches “news” television. Favorite singers include Patrick Ryan Clark, Chris Tomlin, and the Eagles.  Steve shares that he would study political  science if he could and that he is a political “junkie”. 

Interesting places Steve visited include the mountains of  Colorado and if he could live somewhere else for awhile, he would live in Green  Mountain Falls, Colorado.  If he could pick  a place to travel to, he would choose Germany.

His favorite places to be include eating out in Dallas, playing golf and playing golf with Patrick, attending a baseball game with  Kevin, being with Chris, and holding hands with his wife.  Interests he has outside Rotary include his  family life, like life, breakfast and dinner with friends.  Steve’s favorite meal can be found in exotic  restaurants in Dallas.  His favorite  sports are playing golf and watching baseball.  Steve is on the board for the Center for Children and Families, INC.

The best person Steve ever met  is his  deceased grandfather.

 On the weekend, you might find Steve golfing, spending time in their Lake Texoma cabin, and being on the boat.

A responsibility that Steve has is being head of the family –financially, spiritually, and ethically.  In high school, Steve participated in football and basketball.  Three things he feels that he does best  are: holding a high work ethic, being a husband, and being a dad.  Steve would love to travel more.