Lynn has held positions on the membership and fellowship committees in Sooner Rotary.  The thing she enjoys most about our club is the opportunity to meet and work with other business leaders in our community.  Lynn’s career is Financial Services Representative.  Services provided are risk management for families and family owned businesses and Investments.  The thing she likes best about her job is helping others reach their goals and provide for their families.

Lynn’s spouse is Carlos.  Her children are Carolyn, John, James, Catherine, and Ruth.  Three words to describe Lynn are loyal, loving, and creative.  She has a horse named Lightning.  She loves the Bible because no matter what her situation she can find answers and hope there.  Her favorite childhood book was Jane Eyre.  She loves to read and she participates in Bible studies with her friends.

If she gets to watch television, she enjoys old movies.  Her favorite singers are The Righteous Brothers and the Beach Boys.  When she grows up, she intends to be a travelling speaker, bible Study teacher.  She would like to teach truth that will change lives.

Lynn would enjoy studying islandscaping.  The least interesting topic she can think of to study is “how to program a computer”.  Interesting places she has visited include Korea and Australia.  She would love to live in Jerusalem for a while.  If she could choose a place to travel to, it would be the east coast to study the historical beginnings of our nation.  Lynn’s favorite meal includes fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and trifles.  Her favorite sport is racquetball.  Someone Lynn admires is Kay Arthur because she and her husband lived their lives committed to following God without compromising their beliefs.  Lynn describes herself as loyal, supportive, and responsible.  She says that three things she does best are: encouraging others to do their best, group presentations, and organizing events.