Fred Walden has been a Sooner Rotarian for 1 ½ years.  He enjoys networking and finding out what is  happening in our town. The one thing Fred wants his Rotary friends to know  about him is that he is happy to be a Sooner Rotary member.

 Fred is in the dry  cleaning and laundry business and he enjoys making people look and feel  better.  Fred is a people person and the  thing he enjoys most about his job is his customers.  His wife’s name is Carolyn and his children  are Jessica and Tonny.  He has a dog  named Sophie. Fred offered 3 words to describe himself: happy, outgoing, and  annoying.

Other organizations Fred belongs to include the Norman Business Association , Norman Business Coalition , Norman Tips Club , and he sits on the Board of Directors of the Norman  Chamber of Commerce. 

Fred enjoys participating in any kind of motor sports and, of  course, football.  He enjoys traveling in  his motor home.  When he watches  television, he usually watches the News, educational TV, the speed channel, and  “The Good Wife”.  His favorite singers  are the Rolling Stones, Motley Crew, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Jerry Lee Lewis, and BB King.  He doesn’t care for rap.  A favorite movie was “The Green Mile”. His favorite sports teams are St. Louis Cardinals and Green Bay Packers.  An interesting subject Fred would enjoy  studying is astronomy.  One he would not  enjoy is political science.  A favorite  meal includes chicken fry, mashed potatoes and lots of brown gravy. Favorite  activities on the weekend include watching NASCAR and being with his  grandchildren.

The farthest point he has traveled from home is Hobart, Tasmania.  Australia is where he would  enjoy living for awhile, although he enjoys being at home and feels the most  comfortable in Norman.

Fred admires Thomas Edison because he was born at the perfect  time to invent all kinds of things.

A wish Fred has for everyone is that they wake up every day  to be able to look into the mirror and be proud of who they are!

A title of a book about Fred’s life would be “10,000  Mistakes and Still Alive!”

Three things that Fred does best are pester people, “fix  stuff”, and help people.  When asked to  describe himself as a friend, he said he is always going to answer his phone  when it rings.  He described the ideal  best friend as someone you can trust.  He  enjoys being pestered in return. Three wishes Fred has are to win the lottery, get a new motor home, and go to all the NASCAR races in one year!

In high school, Fred participated in music and shop.