A Sooner Rotarian for 9 years, Fred Benenati enjoys the friendliness of our members and our willingness to help each other and our community.  

     Fred, a retired dentist, recently also retired from dental education.  Fred and Susie make a dashing couple and to their union was born Steven and Carol.  They also have a dog, Louis and a cat, Daisy.

     Fred loves to fly!  Susie goes with him sometimes (probably to keep him grounded!).  He says that he wants to be a world traveler when he grows up!  There are many places he would love to visit although, he seem to have made a pretty good dent in those places.  He's visited Machu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, Ireland, England, Alsaka, Hawaii and Europe! He thinks that if he could live somewhere else for a while it would be Australia or New Zealand.  His favorite place to be is 5,280 feet above the earth! He loves the different perspective it provides him.

Fred enjoys reading and he tells me that when he was a lad he loved reading hardy Boys mysteries.  Current reading includes James Patterson and Kay Scarpetta novels.  He also enjoys the magazines "Flying" and "Corvette".   Favorite musical groups include the Moody Blues, Journey and the Beatles.  (right on, Fred!)  Favorite teams include the Broncos and the Dodgers.  A favorite meal would include steak and lobster.

Other organizations Fred belongs to include the Oklahoma Pilots' Association and the Central Oklahoma Corvette Club.  In Sooner Rotary, he serves on the Fellowship committee and and believes that for a year to be truly successful for a Rotarian it must include lots of "Lunch Buddies" lunches! 

A person Fred admires turns out to be his wife, Susie, because of her "amazing patience and ability to love and care for others" although he does admit that the title given by his wife to a book that might be written about his life would be "I Married a Weirdo!" 

Fred daydreams about flying solo in a P-51 Mustang.

Fred believes the ideal friend  is understanding, fun loving and considerate. (I bet that's why he loves Sooner Rotary!  We're all there!)