Doug Lyle has been a Sooner Rotarian for 23 years!  He has held positions on the Programs committee, Public Affairs committee and Membership committee. He’s been on the Ways  and Means Committee and he has been Sgt.- At -Arms.  The things he loves about Sooner Rotary are  the programs which are always fun and informative and the great fellowship!  One thing he wants his Rotary friends to know  about him is that there is almost nothing that doesn’t peak his interest in  some way.  He feels he fits the  stereotypical Gemini personality.

Doug’s favorite quote is from Micah, Chapter 6, in the Bible: “….what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

Doug’s job is manufacturing, selling marking devices, and engraving.  Services provided are a  complete range of marking devices, rubber stamps, professional seals, nametags, nameplates and interior engraved signage.  Doug enjoys making other people’s lives easier with his products.

One book Doug really enjoyed is If Grace is True by Philip Gulley and James Mulholland because grace is all we have and all we need  for this life.  When growing up, he  enjoyed the Hardy Boys mystery series, Huck Finn, and Call of the Wild.

Favorite activities include hiking and backpacking, 4-wheeling, travel, and dining.  Doug  enjoys reading and studying philosophy, religion, classical history, sci-fi and fantasy.   He would enjoy studying Meso-American history. When he watches TV, he usually likes to watch travel and science shows.  Recent magazines or books he has read  include:”The Greatest Prayer”, “The Federalist Papers”, and “When Religion  Becomes Lethal”.  Doug is a great fan of  the Harry Potter series and recently enjoyed the movie, “Harry Potter and the  Deathly Hallows”.

Favorite singers include Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, Cleo  Lane, Placido Domingo, Joan Sutherland, Patsy Klein, and Loretta Lynn.  He also enjoys sports and loves to watch the  Thunder, Dallas Cowboys, and St. Louis Cardinals.

Doug would like to revisit Viet Nam. He enjoyed the Central  Highlands and the wonderful people while he was there.  If he could live somewhere else, he would  live in Mexico or Ecuador.  If he could  pick a place to travel to, it would be to the Acropolis in Athens, the Forum in  Rome, Ayres Rock in the Australian outback, the Serengeti Plains and  Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Kenya, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and/or the Great Wall  of China.  Even so, his favorite place is  home because it is a comfortable, relaxing place to recharge his batteries.

Interests outside of Rotary include Center for Children and  Families, Downtown Norman and OU sports.

His favorite meal includes anything Mexican.  Favorite games include Scrabble and card  games though he feels that he is a totally incompetent bridge player.  Favorite sports include football and  basketball. 

Doug belongs to Delta Kappa Epsilon Alumni Association, the  Infantry Association,. The Fourth Division Association, and Sons of  the  American Revolution.  Doug admires  Stephen Hawking who has a brilliant mind who refuses to let obstacles get in  his way. 

When describing the ideal friend, Doug says they are not  always interested in the same things but are concerned and caring and they have  a sense of humor.  As a friend himself, Doug tries to be available.  Speaking of  friends, Doug owns 2 Greyhounds,(Jake and Flyboy), 3 Whippets (Stormy, Sammy, and Monty), 1 chocolate Lab (Emma), and 1 Heinz 57 (Abby).

If Doug could have 3 wishes, he would wish for discernment, tolerance, and kinship. (But….he’d also like to win the lotto!)

Things Doug would like to work on this year include learning  another language, getting serious about working out, and losing another 30  pounds (he’s on his way)!