David  has been a Sooner Rotarian for 22 years.  His favorite quote, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, has led him  to be successful at various Rotary positions:  Ways and Means, Membership, Fellowship, International Service, Sergeant-at-Arms, Vice President, Club President, District Governor, District  Grants Chair, District Trainer, Assistant District Governor, Zone P.E.T.S  Trainer, and Shelter Box Representative.

David  enjoys the fellowship and the members of Sooner Rotary.

David  was the Bursar at the University of Oklahoma for 33 years.  He is still working for the OU Sooner club (20 years); Chairman of the Board of the OU Federal Credit Union; and Trustee  Board of Purcell Municipal Hospital. He enjoys working with OU students and  staff.

David’s  spouse is Lynn and his children are Ashley and Chad.

One  book David enjoyed is The Bible because he is still learning from it.

His favorite childhood book is The Little Engine That Could.

Three words that David used to describe  himself are lucky, trustworthy, and dependable.

David enjoys participating in playing  cards, eating out, and watching OU sports with friends.  He enjoys yard work for an activity he enjoys  alone. In high school, David played baseball and sang in the choir.

He enjoys mystery and action comedy  when he gets a minute to watch television.

The one thing he really wants his  Rotary friends to know about him is the he’s always available to help.

When asked what he intended to do when he grows up, he responded with, “Why? Who plans to grow up?” 

David’s favorites:

Singers: Oak Ridge Boys

Candy: Snickers

Flowers: Roses

Pro-team: OKC Thunder

A recent magazine he’s read:  The Rotarian

Recent movie:  The Grown-ups. He enjoyed the comedy.

Food: Chicken fried steak.

Game: Playing cards.

Sport: Football

The most interesting places David has visited are Hong  Kong and Hanoi. They are also the farthest points he’s traveled from home.  He would love to travel to Switzerland or  Aruba.  And if he could live somewhere  else for awhile, it would be Ft. Lauderdale, FL. However, home is his very  favorite place because of family.

If he could, he would study music.  He would not study politics.  Other interests include going to his place at  the lake, singing in a gospel trio, and volunteering at OU athletic functions.  Other organizations to which David belongs    include the OU Sooner Club and Shelter Box USA.  Two things David enjoys on the weekend is church and spending time with  grandkids.

Someone David  admires is his wife, Lynn, because of her strong will and her giving nature. 

A wish David has for others is for good  health and happiness.  A daydream David  entertains is a life without stress and pain.  “Why do people do the things they do?” is a curiosity he often considers.  “I Survived It All” will be the title of his  first book.  Advice he would give himself  if he could go back two years is, “Relax.  It will all work out.”


David describes the ideal friend as  someone who is trustworthy, loyal, and forgiving.  He describes himself as the kind of friend  who will always help and listen.

Three things he does best are:

                      1._Help People


                        3._See the Big Picture

Things  to work on this year include learning to relax more and spending more time with  extended family.  He also spends time  with four dogs and his miniature burros.

Three  wishes for his family include health, happiness, and financial peace.