Jerry Miller is completing his first year as a Sooner  Rotarian.  He currently serves on the  Fundraising committee.  The thing he  enjoys most about Sooner Rotary is the fellowship and relationships he built with Sooner Rotarians.

Jerry is a credit analyst with First American Bank.  He enjoys working with math and working on  various commercial loan proposals.  Every  proposal is unique. 

A favorite quote of Jerry’s is “Trust in the Lord with all  your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all ways submit to Him, and he will make your paths straight”. Proverbs 3:5-6

Jerry’s lovely wife is Jessica.  They have two dogs: Marshall and Maddie, pit bull extraordinaire.

He really enjoyed the book The Millionaire Next Door because it shows how financially successful people actually view and utilize their  finances.

Words Jerry uses to describe himself are sincere, genuine, simple, ambitious, determined, and caring. He really enjoys golfing, socializing, competing, and attending various events.  When  he’s alone, you can find him exercising, doing yard work, or making home  repairs.

When he gets to watch television, he enjoys “Pawn Stars” and  college football.

He wants his Rotary friends to never be afraid to ask him  anything.  When Jerry grows up he hopes  to be somebody who has a strong relationship with his Heavenly Father.  He hopes to be a faithful husband, a man of  great integrity, and someday, a wonderful dad!

Jerry’s favorite teams are University of Oklahoma, Dallas  Cowboys, and anyone else but the Lakers or the Yankees.  A movie Jerry enjoyed was “The Company Men”.  Jerry would enjoy studying more  accounting.  He would not enjoy studying art.  The farthest point he has traveled  is Puerto Rico.  He’s also traveled to  New Orleans and San Francisco. He would love to live in the mountains of  Colorado for a while and he would enjoy traveling to New York.  His favorite place of all to be is his home.  Interests outside of Rotary  involve pursuing more education.  Favorite sports are football, basketball, and golf. His favorite game is  Poker.

Besides Sooner Rotary, Jerry belongs to the Exchange Club of  Norman, Norman Next, and Leadership Norman. Jerry has the responsibility of  producing a very accurate and timely product for the bank, assist with  safeguarding the bank’s assets, and help the bank to maintain a superior credit  standing.

If he could go back two years and give himself advice, it  would be to stay on his diet!  Jerry  describes himself as sincere and genuine toward his friends.  He has a deep caring inside of him and is always  concerned about making everyone feel comfortable and accepted.  Three things Jerry does best are organize, clean, and follow college football.  In  high school, Jerry participated in baseball, basketball, and football.

Jerry’s 3 wishes include a cure for cancer,that  there would be  no unemployment, and the US economy would stabilize.  He previously wished for all service men and  women to come home.