Vocational tour meeting today at the new Pioneer Library System Norman Public Library Central. Check out the photos!
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Geothermal heated and pending LEED Gold or Platinum certification, the new library is the result of the Norman Forward tax increase passed by voters in October 2015. It cost about $39 million and is designed and decorated to provide a modern library for learners of all ages.

It has a cool reading room in the local history/genealogy section with comfortable chairs (right Grover!) and some beautiful white oak furniture made from a tree on the building site.

It has a tech lab with 3-D printers, sound and video labs and a computer learning room, all available to residents. Several rooms of varying sizes can be reserved for meetings.

The children's section is bright, colorful and comfortable for little, flexible, and wiggly bodies eager to explore the world. And it's so sound proof we didn't even hear the train going by just a few feet away! Plus, it has electronic check-in and check-out kiosks and search terminals. More than 159,000 items, according to Assoc Dir /Branch Manager Caroline Jordan Dulworth who along with her team hosted our meeting and tour.

As Denise Kueny said, "It's not the library we're used to" and how great is that!