Finally, I have time to catch up on the last couple of meetings. I could give excuses, but basically it boils down to not making time to get it done. 

The last two meetings of December were all time favorites of the club. Our annual "Joe Grizzell" meeting was again a thought provoker. Joe's list for Christmas reminded us of the need to give thanks in everything, even if we have to look for what is worthy of our thanks. The reminder that our expectations can limit what we see as blessings explained through Joe's life story was touching. Wonder how our lists (and our attitudes) were changed while listening? 

Once more Norman Sooner Rotary made good on reaching our goal of learning more about our fellow club members on the December 27th meeting. Everyone joined a group and related personal experiences and thoughts of Christmas' past. Exploring the hearts and minds of such an ecclectic group is surely entertaining. I am sure everyone had unique stories of one sort or another to relate. Our group most certainly did, ranging from Christmas in Australia and Jamaica to our most favorite foods that make the holiday. 

Other noteworthy news includes collections of books for Seniors and gifts for our soldiers serving overseas have been promoted these last several weeks. Connie has already mailed a couple of boxes to reach our soldiers later this month or early February, although more can be sent. Kris has been sending updates on the collection of books already received and suggestions for what can still be contributed. A great time for cleaning out those dust collectors around your house.

On a more personal note: Thank you to those who have encouraged me as I have brought the news to you from our meetings. I do enjoy the opportunity to write and my desire is that you have found the letters to be informative and entertaining. One more reason I enjoy being a member of Norman Sooner Rotary!!!


Have a blessed 2012. 


Lynn Droescher