The Rev. Joe Grizzle, retired pastor of CrossPoint church and beloved former member of Sooner Rotary, presented his annual Christmas message to Sooner Rotary Tuesday challenging members and guests with the five ways to say "I love you."
1) words - say 'I love you'
2) time - give people moments
3) serving - ask yourself what you can do for other people to serve them
4) gifts -a thoughtful gift  says "I love you"
5) touching - rub their arm rub her back, non-sexual touching.  Give hugs.  There is power in a touch.
Grizzle reminded the listeners that life is not about "stuff" but is about moments.  He challenged the group to find special moments in their lives, saying "you never know when that moment will happen but be fready for it when it is in front of you.  Life is about people, not stuff."