At this week's online meeting we had many of our questions answered by fellow member Jonathon Winders about the funeral industry, processes and how COVID is impacted the industry. 
To read more about the meeting, click on the gold Recap headline link above.
To watch the recorded meeting, click on this link: September 8, 2020 Club Meeting at the Sooner Club Secretary account on YouTube.
Club President Jonna Buck called the meeting to order a little after 7 a.m. after a short discussion by attendees about musical instruments they've played at sometime in their lives--or still play!  

Happy Dollars

Several folks had happy dollars for trips to visit family, the upcoming Oct 10 Rotary Zone summit video programs, and Michael Ridgeway for his recovery from an emergency appendectomy last week! 
Jeff Bryant also shared that his mother Dorothy Sullivan has been honored as a National Treasure of the Cherokee Nation for her artwork depicting the Trail of Tears heritage of the Cherokee tribe.  


School crossing guard volunteers need to return their vests and stop signs to either Christi Moore at the Community Service Building on 12th Ave NE or to Jonna Buck at Oklahoma Electric Coop (OEC) at the office facing 24 Ave NW. 
The Club Board meets at 7 a.m. on Friday, September 11 via Zoom. The meeting link is in email from Jonna Buck. 

Our Program

Our own Jonathon Winders provided insight into the funeral industry and processes--and how COVID-19 is affecting the services. He recently transferred from Havenbrook Funeral Home for Tribute Memorial Care where club member Shane Vice also provides these critical services. Jonathon noted that the role of those in the industry is to help those who survive the deceased--the family and friends--as they remember their loved ones. He answered many questions about cremation v. burial and talked about the difficulties of fulfilling their duties when they cannot meet family in person or pick up death certificates in person at the Health Department. You'll want to listen into this meeting to hear all of the interesting information Jonathon shared and stories from participating club members about their funeral experiences and planning for their funerals. 
Thank you Jonathon for caring so much about our community as a "last responder" in our community. You are the greatest! 
You can watch the entire club meeting and Jonathon's presentation at the Sooner Club Secretary account on YouTube.