At this week's online meeting we had 46 participants including two guests! Our speaker was Kathy Corbett, owner of the Travel with Kathy agency.
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Club President Jonna Buck called the meeting to order at 7:07 a.m. We had 46 participants, including two guests, including Dre'Onna Adkins who has applied to be a club member!  


Happy Dollars

We hear about several Happy Dollars. One from April Heiple for the Rotary district grant that allowed Food and Shelter to purchase a new washer and dryer. Another from member Melissa Silvarajoo whose mother's wish was for the adoption of a young girl with no citizenship status and future in Malaysia. Mel's sister in Australia adopted the girl with help from their brother in Singapore, to give her a chance for an education and future. Also, Keith Busking has another grandson on the way in the next few days!


Members who are interested in raising money to help feed the hungry can sign up for the club team for the Cleveland County-Norman Crop Hunger Walk in Norman on Sunday, Oct 18. There are several ways to raise funds without physically walking, although several modifications are being made to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 for those who actually walk. Details to come via email. 


Our Program

Jonna introduced our speaker Kathy Corbett, owner of the Travel with Kathy travel agency. She talked about the many hours she has spent since the COVID-19 travel restrictions were enacted last March, working to cancel and secure refunds and/or credits for her traveling clients.
The travel industry is one of the top being negatively effected by the pandemic. The cruise industry is planning to begin again in March of 2021 after making many modifications to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 for passengers and crew and at ports of call. 
Lots of good info about the pros and cons of travel insurance, especially for international travel. Several members have been on airplanes recently--both in the US and to Mexico and reported everything from almost empty planes to full flights. Since COVID-19 precautions and tests requirements are changing constantly, Kathy recommends use of a travel agent to stay on top of the changes, or if booking directly, travellers need to check out every detail constantly to prevent surprises at airports.  
Two great resource links Kathy recommends are and
You can watch the entire club meeting and Kathy's presentation at the Sooner Club Secretary account on YouTube.