At this week's online meeting we had 41 participants, including our speaker Carlee Wright the District 5770 Rotary Scholar just moved to Italy for her masters work at John Hopkins in Bologna.
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To watch the entire recorded meeting, click on this link: September 1, 2020 Club Meeting at the Sooner Club Secretary account on YouTube.
Club President Jonna Buck called the meeting to order at 7:07 a.m. with 41 participants!  
Amidst our many rain storms, Mary Sallee led us in an impromptu "Singin' in the Rain" v. our traditional "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning."  


September Birthdays

Polly noted all club members with September birthdays and drew names for restaurant gift cards and Rotary Foundation point winners.  
Linda Holt
Terry Boehr—Hal Smith $25 restaurant gift card winner
Bill Osburn
Jennifer Jenkins—Hal Smith $25 restaurant gift card winner
Christie Moore
Linda Price
Bob Usry
Grover Osmun
Gary Cavin
Newt Mitchell
Greg Buwick
Jack O’Hare—100 Points towards Foundation giving winner
Stacy Bruce

Happy Dollars

Terry Boehrer--$17 for each of the NPS elementary schools and short notice support from everyone to serve as first-day-of-school Crossing Guards!
Reagan Danner--$1 because closed on purchase of her house last night! 
Jennifer Beckett—Matched Terry’s $17 to thank him for pulling the Crossing Guards project together on such short notice!


Glenda Thomas reported our Rotary Zone meeting is slated for Oct. 10 and will be virtual and free to attend. More details to come! 

Our Program

Conni Eckstein introduced our speaker Carlee Wright who is District 5770's first Global Scholar in seven years!  
Carlee just moved to Italy and found an apartment so it made sense that it took a few minutes to secure a good wi-fi connection. The Fulbright Scholar provided insight into North Korean refugees to South Korea--after having taught English to many at a school in South Korea.
The refugee journey is a difficult one, often taking more than a decade for women who are forced to marry Chinese men and have children which they leave to finally arrive at their original destination of South Korea. 
Carlee began her Rotary journey as a Rotary Exchange student in Italy (sponsored by the Norman Noon Club) and attended the Rotary International Convention in Brazil in 2015. She has been a member of several Rotaract clubs overseas and at OU, which led to her application and acceptance as a Global Scholar.
The Norman North and OU BA grad is pursuing post graduate study in international affairs at John Hopkins University in Bologna. Carlee plans to be a diplomat in a US Embassy. She will have to pass a difficult test to be a diplomat, after finishing her degree and will apply to work in an international policy think tank in Washington DC while preparing for the test. 
Thank you Carlee for your insightful presentation, your positive spirit and dedication to use your knowledge and skills to improve our world! 
You can watch the entire club meeting and Carlee's presentation at the Sooner Club Secretary account on YouTube.