Jonna Buck is our new club president! Thank you Jane for a great and memorable year!
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To watch the livestreamed meeting, click on this YouTube link: June 30, 2020 Club Meeting

Historic Club Meeting

Now Past Club President Jane Purcell called to order our historic June 30 meeting. It was historic because we had an in-person meeting with more than 20 members at Jack Beller's home in his outdoor pavilion while practicing social distancing. Thank you Jack! Also, 22 participants attended the meeting as it was livestreamed via Zoom so members could participate live or later by accessing the meeting recording on YouTube.  Here are photos from the livestreamed, video recorded meeting with CE Jones behind the camera! 
Thank you Vicki and Liz for handling club duties. 
Zack recognized Paul Harris Fellows for their continued donations to the Rotary International Foundation. Jane thanked the many members of her Board and in the club who helped throughout her term as president. 
Past District Governor and Club President Glenda Thomas swore in 2020-2021 Rotary Year Club President Jonna Buck. Jonna received the club charter from Jane and the all-important President's pin! Jonna presented Jane with a special gift for her year as club president. 
Jonna shared some inspirational thoughts about her upcoming year and introduced us to the new International Rotary theme of "Rotary Opens Opportunities." 
Our meeting adjourned with attendees standing (including Past Club President Denise Kueny in the foreground!) to salute Jonna our new club president as she begins her year of leadership--with lots of unknowns but plenty of support from our club and others in Rotary to open new opportunities for our local, regional, national, and international communities.