Bethesda, Inc board member Beau Dean introduced two OU busines students who have provided over $16,000 to Bethesda, Inc this semester. Rachel Hill and Chase Miller, as part of OU's core business program, took a few minutes to share their experiences of taking their business from a start-up phase to production and now to closing their business.

The course curriculum allows students to develop a product that will be used to produce support for a community service organization. The first class of the semester involved establishing five businesses. Various community service organizations attended a Service Fair to explain their services and needs. Each business was responsible for choosing the service organizations they would support through their business. Over the past 16 years IBC has donated over $1 Million to charities int he Norman area. 

Rachel and Chase, along with their partners, chose to produce and sell Sooner Stickies. Their support of Bethesda, Inc. allows sexually abused children receive counseling and support. 2010-2011 over 460 children with an average stay of nine months to one year have received care at Bethesda. The monies from the project will allow Bethesda meet their obligations for the current year. Rachel and Chase were also involved in volunteer work within the Norman community providing over 700 hours of sweat equity to Middle Earth School. Their business is the first to complete the project, having sold out of their product



Other News:

Secret Santa names were made available for the Secret Santa party to be held on December 16 at 6 pm. Contact Ellen Usry for further information. 

Next week's meeting of Sooner Rotary Club will be a vocational tour at Food For Friends (104 W Commanche). Parking is available on the South or East side of the building and the entrance is on the North. Food For Friends is the recepient of funds from our Tour De Vin for the next two years. 

Bruce Ingram was inducted by James Harp. Bruce is sponsored by Chad Vice.