Dr. Toal spoke about his favorite subject - heart disease.
He showed the Bob Harper Interview video to the club.
He discussed his push to have more AEDs and more people who know CPR.
We should be training today’s kids in CPR.
The quicker you can start compressions, the higher the success rate towards recovery.
Out of hospital heart attack survival is 4%. Even with CPR.
The heart is the hardest working muscle in the body.
It supplies nutrients and oxygen rich blood to all body parts, including itself.
The coronary arteries surround the heart, keeping it nourished with blood.
Over time, plaque build up on the artery walls, causing a narrowing.
This prevents adequate blood flow to the heart muscle.
A heart attack occurs when blood flow to the heart muscle is restricted or completely cut off.
He discussed signs and symptoms of a hear attack which can be found using an internet search.
Heart attack is the #1 cause of death in the US.
Every minute counts.
Calling 911 is the fastest way to get lifesaving treatment.
If you are not sure it is a heart attack. Have it checked out..
Staying Alive
Hands only CPR.
Call 911
Push hard and fast in the center of the chest.
Continue until professional help arrives.
Or, until an AED is available to use.
HealthPlex Heart Hospital is anAccredited Chest Pain Center with PCI
The hospital offers full continuum of cardiac care services.
Recovery and Rehabilitation
Are you at risk?
How to prevent heart disease.
Regular checkups
Healthy diet
Do not smoke
Manage stress.
A heart scan cost only $35. Do it once and never have to do another one. Only takes 10 minutes.
Be sure it’s at least a 64 cut scan.