At our March 10 meeting, we learned about a student/teacher initiative to bring solar energy to the Irving Middle School campus.  Click on the Meeting Recap link above to see more.  
Thanks to Katie and her "volunteers" C.E. Jones, Bob Dill and Jon Winders for leading us in an "eggcelent" Chicken Dance at our March 10 meeting.  
We were happy to see member Pat Hall back who noted that Lunch Buddies is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 19 at Jamil's restaurants on N. Lincoln in OKC. 
Jack Beller announced our next state highway/Norman street litter pickup begins at 8 a.m. with coffee and donuts at 12th Ave NE and Robinson. After that, everyone will don neon colored safety vests and scour the roadsides for trash.  Members are encouraged to sign up at the next meeting or by emailing Jack.  
Members submitted their ballots re: a proposed bylaws change creating an Associate Membership category. If the measure passes, a proposed change regarding discounted dues for Associate Members will be voted on by members in a future meeting. 
Nate Strong introduced his coworkers who provided our program this week. Irving Middle School teachers Ms. Laura Vaughn and Ms Sarah Chan and their students--Georgia, Cory, Rain, Owen and Maddie--told us about their initiative to bring solar energy project to their school. 
The Students for Solar group is working to raise $53,000 for the proof of concept project to include a small solar panel on a new structure like a pergola under which students wait for the school bus. The group says the planned panel will generate about 2% of the school energy and offset energy use from the electric grid to save the school district $29K over a 25-year payback period. By law any power it generates that is not needed by the school (maybe because it is closed) will be put back on the electric grid, and OG&E will credit the school for the power. The group is planning to visit the State Legislature and talk to senators who have authored various solar bills this session.