This morning, our club had a hands on opportunity to learn about the Loveworks Leadership program.  Daniel Smith and Carolyn Le of Loveworks kicked off our meeting with a ten minute challenge - Build the tallest structure we can out of spaghetti sticks, yarn, tape and a marshmallow, the kicker was that the marshmallow had to be at the top.  We worked in small groups of five and communicated how to build the structure!  It was fun, and collaborative and only a few tables were successful in their build.  
Later in the discussion, we learned that Loveworks is an organization that helps people discover their potential and live into their dreams.  They offer an afterschool program, leadership training, community initiatives and summer camps - their goal is to transform lives. To learn more about their initiatives, click here.
To close the discussion today, two students from the Leadership program, demonstrated their salsa making skills - turns out they sell their salsa at the Norman Farmer's Market and it flies off the shelves!  If you haven't yet tried it, do yourself a favor and go get some! 
See you next week for a chat about Texting and Literacy, with Dr. Eodice.