Our very own Anne Masters introduced us to our Norman Public Library staff members, head librarian Leslie Tabor, and Phil Clark, business co-ordinator.  Learning the value of our library card and the opportunities awaiting us as we explore the resources availablewere highlights of the program. Phil walked us through the possibilities of various databases and applications to our businesses either through plannning or marketing not only in Norman, but throughout the world. Brown Bags and Books held every 3rd Wednesday of the month give Normanites a place to discuss commonly read books with others. Employers have access to Business Training Kits and are able to introduce concepts to their companies that will improve production and workplace environment. Training kits have a variety of visual and audio helps to encourage the discussion. 

Future plans for the library include ongoing education through seminars and cultural activities starting with the Spanish Festival on September 18, 2011. Leslie explained that her role as head librarian was to coordinate other activities hosted by the library. Growing up in Chickasha and moving out of state for college education, Leslie feels like she has come back home by taking the role as head library. 

In addition to the program, Lucinda introduced the NEXUS committee. She encouraged members to contact anyone on the committee with news regarding fellow members experiencing diffcult times. Information regarding Slice of Night raffle tickets was given and the main prizes were announced. It was explained that raffle tickets will be available next meeting and members were encouraged to sell one or two ($100) each. Prizes include a Green Hole; Golf Club Set; Flat Screen TV; Golf Lessons and a Diamond from Mitchell's Jewelry, valued between $1000 and $2000, as well as, other prizes. Only 200 tickets will be available to sell. 

Denise Kueney announced that our next meeting will be a vocational tour and we would be meeting at the new jail. Sheriff Lester reminded us to have our photo id and gave directions to the new facility (on the corner of Franklin and HWY 77). He encouraged everyone to park on the N or W side of the facility. 

As usual, our meetings were jam packed with singing (you had to be there to hear our Sooner rendition of Margaritaville), laughing, hugging, and good ole fun. If you haven't been in a while, come join us as we charge into the fall season.