ImageA very informative program was given by Dr. Jeff Buyten of Norman. As a general/pediatric otolaryngologist, or for the more common term Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist, Dr. Buyten spoke to the issues of both children's and adult needs for his specialty. His practice treats patients from age 3 weeks to 97 years of age.

Many of us are familiar with the difficulties young children face with ear infections and the need for tubes to reduce the occurrence of those infections. Dr. Buyten explained the common reasons for the infections and the procedure that helps to alleviate those problems.

In addition, he discussed the likelihood of children having difficulties in sleeping due to sleep apnea and how that could be detrimental to cognitive and neurological development. Restless sleep is also associated with ADHD.  Many are aware of adults suffering from sleep apnea and how the lack of sleep can affect their lives.

Other areas of expertise include testing and treatment of allergies, cancer, and hearing. In fact, this specialty is the only one that treats the ear and hearing difficulties including replacing ear bones and fitting hearing aids.

Dr. Buyten and his wife are graduates of Norman High and OU. He also graduated from UTSW Medical Center.  Having lived in various places around the country, an offer to return to OK and family was a no-brainer. Dr. Buyten and his partners practice in Norman.

Sooner Rotary also inducted three new members, Kirby Owens, Adam Woods and Charles Foster. Kirby works as a marketing specialist at Tyler Advertising, Adam has opened his Chiropractic practice in Norman and Charles provides mortgages through Gatewood Mortgage. Denise Kueny, club president, led the three in their swearing in ceremony while sponsors gave Rotary pins to their new recruits.