In Memory of a Founding Member Grover Cleveland Ozmun III

Grover was 84 when he passed away January 17, 2022. He was a founding member of our Rotary club and served as President from 1991-1992. 
For years, Grover handled the duties of recognizing members who achieved perfect attendance at club meetings like he's doing in this photo with a 30 year pin for member Bob Usry.
Grover also is loved and remembered for leading group howling during the club singing of  "Home on the Range" which is no small feat at 7 a.m.!  Plus, Grover told really funny stories about the time when the club had a haunted house fundraising project. 
Grover, your leadership and humor are missed and your life celebrated by your Rotary family!  Thank you for all of your contributions to our local and world community through business and Rotary.  
Here's a link to a news story about Grover in The Transcript