Kathryn Frazier addressed Sooner Rotary Tuesday relating the experiences she and Sooner Rotarian Tracy Curtis had working with a Washington Post reporter covering same sex marriages. Frazier and Curtis married in October in the Cleveland County Courthouse soon after it became legal in Oklahoma. 
They decided to have a wedding to which friends and family were invited.  To illustrate the polarization of the topic of same sex marriage, Frazier expressed the disappointment that her family members chose to not attend the ceremony while Curtis' family came from many states to attend.  The Washington Post article featuring the couple and their concerns as they planned the wedding appeared in February. Frazier, who manages a Norman hearing and air conditioning business, and Curtis have know each other for 20 years and have been partners for eight years.
Curtis,  Director of Development for Rebuilding Together OKC, did not speak at the Rotary meeting, but wrote afterwards of her feelings. "After the presentation this morning, I had a moment to reflect about my participation within this club. Today more than ever, I am extremely proud to be a Sooner Rotarian. It is one of my “foundation” activities, that I chose not because of my vocation but because of my commitment to community and service, to be part of for the remainder of my life time.
"The (Washington Post) article focused on the “fumbling of our country” to accept this unpopular position that was never voted for by the people of this country. It is a topic about which people have very strong feelings. For many, it is uncomfortable. Just as it is in our small community, it is for our nation. Thank you again for the opportunity to breathe energy into the topic with hopes that even though we may never agree, we can at least exercise civility, love, and respect. I am proud to be a Sooner Rotarian, perhaps today more than ever."