Posted on Nov 19, 2019
Bob and Ellen Usry share their stories how they become involved in the Secret Santa Program.

The program this week was our very own Ellen Usry and Bob Usry, providing the history of the Secret Santa program they've coordinated to deliver Christmas gifts at a party for hundreds of children in the foster care system each year since 1989.

It's a heartfelt ministry that our club members participate in each year. Bob shared some bittersweet memories of his childhood and why helping bring Christmas to these children is so important.

Members signed up to deliver one or two of the requested presents for each child on the current list. And the list will keep growing! Last year they provided gifts and a meal to 75 children and their visiting family members.

The presents need to be wrapped and have the child's first name and last initial and number written on the wrapping. Delivery to Usry Plumbing or Ellen at her office at City Hall. The party is at 6 p.m. at Crosspoint Church on Friday, Dec. 6. Club members are welcome to attend and bring their children or grandchildren (just don't forget to bring them a present with their names so Santa can hand it to them!)