Linda Holt

Hello Everyone, Please check here from time to time to view any news or comments from the Club Secretary.

On the left, you will find several links.

Starting from the top, you will find copies of Board Meeting minutes.

If you click on CLUB MEMBER ATTENDANCE, you will find links to the club's attendance records. You can check out these links to view your attendance. To open the documents, you will need the club's default password. E-Mail C.E. Jones if you need the password.

Next you will see a link to a document that gives you the Club Names of places where you can do a make-up. This also gives you where the club meets, what day and what time.

Next down is a link to a tutorial on how to an online e-makeup.

There are also links for Visitor Sign in sheets and New Member Applications.

We hope this page will be a form of resource for you.

Club Secretary, Linda Holt