Our first meeting in 2020 started with "You Are My Sunshine" led by Cliff Thomas and surprise co-leader Kim Dupont!
Next, Keith Busking reported that the four days of ringing bells for the Salvation Army during the holidays brought in $3,006.76!  Donations on Dec 21 set a record for the club of more than $1,000! Thanks to the 59 folks who filled 76 hourly slots over the four days, bringing their family members, dogs, instruments, and Christmas sweaters and headgear to bring joy to shoppers. Keith also thanked fellow member Farrokh Moinian the manager at Sam's who provided coupons to club volunteers for free food and drink at the store cafe.  
Joan Barker announced that throughout January the club is collecting food for the Norman Meals on Wheels food pantry.  
Susan Whiteneck noted that reading to second graders at Kennedy Elementary will begin next Tuesday, Jan 14 since students just returned to class today.  
Michael Ridgeway opened the meeting because club prez Jane Purcell is traveling in Slovenia. He reminded everyone that the club will have another blood drive from 6:30-10:30 a.m.. on Tuesday, Jan 21 at the Trails Golf Club. Members can sign up on ClubRunner and at the next club meeting.  
Polly Christian recognized January birthday babies--Tony Waggoner, Sandy Tedder, John Sparks, Melissa Silvarajoo, David Shirley, Fred Benenati, Glenda Thomas, Evan Taylor and Jennifer Warren.  Glenda won the $25 gift card to Sam's, and Evan's name was picked for the club points donation for the Rotary Foundation!
Richie Splitt, president and CEO of the Norman Regional Health System with more than 3400 healers, provided an update of the Inspire Health building and transformation project. 
The plan consists of five initiatives: 
  1. HealthPlex Expansion
  2. Ambulatory/Cancer Pavilion
  3. Eastside Free Standing Emergency Dept (FSED+)
  4. Behavioural Health
  5. Porter Revitalization
The projects will provide great access to patients, a concentration of services, modernization and sustainability. As Richie said, the project is needed "so our patients aren't chasing our doctors and our doctors aren't chasing our patients."  The timeframe is aggressive: the FSED+ to be operations in 13 months and the Healthplex expansion in 12-18 months, so initiative completed by 2023.  
As a public trust NRHS went to the city council who unanimously approved the issuance of tax exempt revenue bonds last November. The bonds will be paid for by the health system only. The FSED+ will be on land due east of where the Perfect Swing operated south of Highway 9 in SE Norman.  
The Porter campus will be expanded to 29 acres with the expected purchase of adjacent city acres. The campus is expected to include a NRHS behavioural health 50-bed facility, a new Variety Care building, possibly a senior wellness center and privately built apartments. It will include east-west streets, as well as north-south and will include an urgent care center, as well as the already existing education center for community meetings.  
David Imy closed the meeting because Michael left to attend a Rotaract meeting. A great beginning to the new year!