Kris Partin is working on her 1st full year as a  Sooner Rotarian.  She is chairing Veteran’s  Bingo Night for the Community Service committee.  Her favorite quote is “Work hard, play hard!”  The things she enjoys most about Sooner  Rotary are the friendliness, fun and enthusiasm everyone shows at every  occasion.

Kris is owner and operator of Fusion Flowers, LLC.  She loves to sell and deliver beautiful  tropical or Oklahoma grown flowers to people in need of a smile.  The thing she enjoys the most about her job  is seeing the sparkle in people’s eyes when they receive the flowers.

She is married to Clyde Hiskett and they have a cat named  Dreamy.

A book Kris enjoyed is Kindred in Death and she  enjoys anything by the author of this book, J.D. Robb.  She enjoys reading, rock and roll concerts  and any athletic event that involves our Sooners.  When she gets to watch television, she enjoys  cooking shows, HGTV and “who-done-its”.  When asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she replied with, “Why  do I have to grow up?”

Kris would love to travel to Alaska and Greece.  She thinks Norman is the very best place to  be.  Her favorite place is wherever her  husband is.

Interests outside of Rotary include working with  assisted living homes in the area, gardening, being with friends and family, the Firehouse Art Museum and Gallery 123.  Her favorite meal includes comfort foods, Italian foods, baked  beans and mac and cheese.  Her favorite  games are board  or card games.  Favorite sports include OU football, wrestling, women’s softball and the Thunder.

Someone Kris admires is her mother because even though she  grew up in poverty, lost Kris’s dad and raised her children, she worked harder  than anyone Kris ever knew.

She loves going to concerts and movies and hanging out with  her husband on the weekends.  One wish  Kris has for someone else is that they are never sad or want for anything.  Something she is curious about is whether or  not there is “life out there”.  A title for a book written about her life would be Let’s Dance, Even if it’s to a  Different Beat.

When Kris describes herself as a friend, she says she is a good listener, ready to lend a hand and can keep a secret!  Three things she does very well are making  beautiful flower arrangements, cooking great omelettes and keeping up with   family and friends.  In high school, Kris  was on yearbook and on the pep squad.  Some  things she is working on  involve being involved in Rotary events and learning more about Norman.

One thing Kris wants her fellow Rotarians to know is that  she loves this group of people and if anyone ever needs a help, they can call on  her!