The very best thing about Sooner Rotary for Eryn is ALL the fantastic people in our club! 

Three words to describe Eryn is integrity, focused, and gets-it-done.  Her family includes Allyah, her daughter, and Michael, her husband.  The family pet is Xavier, a Yorkshire Terrier. Her career is being a business consultant for organizational resilience.  Services provided include building contingency plans, testing such plans and training on plans and resilience.  She loves working with the senior management of her organization with the idea that “We can handle that.  We know what we need to do.”

A favorite book of Eryn’s is Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott because life is a lesson in patient diligence.  Favorite childhood books include Babar and Lowly Worm books and Sweet Pickles.  In high school Eryn participated in debate, extemporaneous speaking, and lost causes.

Eryn loves camping, knitting, sports, and synergy groups.  When she participates by herself in activities, she chooses gardening, knitting, reading, or hiking.  When she watches television, she likes to watch The Office, Chuck, or Modern Family.  When asked what she intended to be when she grows up she answered with “humble”.  “At the point you know life has gotten the best of you, you’ve made it through.”

Her favorite musical groups are Kurt Ellig, Putumayo, Coltrane, Pancho Sanchez, and Bjork. If she could choose an interesting topic to study it would be calligraphy.  Some of the most interesting places she has visited are in Europe.  If she could live somewhere else for awhile, she would live in China.  She would like to travel to Africa, China, and India.  Her favorite place to be is with family.  Her favorite meal includes fish and vegetables and of course, chocolate.  Eryn belongs to the ActionClub, EWF, various church groups, and the Yarnies.

On the weekend she likes to sleep in, if she can, and garden.  A great responsibility she has is raising her daughter to be her best self.  Eryn is curious about other cultures.  She says a good book title for her life would be That’s All There is to it!  Eryn describes herself as loyal but not in the dog sort of way.  More I the brutally honest but we’ll get through it sort of way.  Three things she does best are honesty, service, and get the details right.

If she could go back and give herself advice it would be “It’s going to be harder than you can imagine but you can do it and it will be worth it---just stick to it!”