Always entertaining Sooner Theater youth opened our meeting with a few great songs, but there was more... 
High school students with the Sooner Theater camp entertained us this morning with tunes from their upcoming musical, "All Shook Up". The production runs July 21st through 24th. Contact Sooner Theater for the details and tickets.

Farrokh Moinian was recognized for contributing $1500 to Bridges in the name of our club. Thanks for your generosity!

David Shirley recognized Glenda Thomas for her service as our past district governor.

Our program today included representatives from Food and Shelter for Friends and CCFI. These organizations are vying for the chance to be the beneficiary for next year's Le Tour de Vin.

Food and Shelter for Friends spoke of the work this non-profit does. They are asking for funding for a new 250-room facility to house transitional families that at present stay at various hotels in the area. The new facility will provide a centralized area for their clients to improve accessibility to caseworkers and other services.

CCFI requests funds for improvements to their Healing through Play program. The improvements include the addition of a new outdoor play therapy area as well as an additional occupational therapy room.

The Sooner Rotary board meets this Friday to vote for one of these two deserving organizations. The results are tallied with the other two Norman Rotary clubs and the beneficiary for next year’s Le Tour de Vin will be announced shortly afterwards.

Have a great week and remember: